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Welcome to the International Rescue Society of the Lake of Geneva

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We are a volunteer Swiss-French rescue society active since 1885 on the lake of Geneva (LEMAN lake). 
This lake is the biggest of the western part of Europe, situated at the extreme west of Switzerland and at the northern part of the French department of Haute-Savoie. 
Its average geographical position is 46° 27' N / 6° 32' E.

The lake of Geneva :

Geographical position

Satellite vision

Major characteristics of the lake of Geneva
Total Surface of the lake 225 sq.miles
Surface for Switzerland 135 sq.miles  (60%)
 Surface for France 90 sq.miles  (40%)
Perimeter of the lake 200,2 km - 124 miles
Average altitude 372 m - 407 yeards
Maximum depth 309,7 m - 338 yeards
Global mass water 89'000'000'000 of m3
Maximum width 13,8 km - 8,6 miles
Axial length 72,3 km - 45 miles


The SISL 's rescue stations :

The 34 Swiss-French stations of the SISL

The "International Safety Society of the Lake of Geneva" is a non profit association with over 2200 members (men & women) who work voluntarily. More than 40% of them are active today.
Its major goals are:
- To bind in a brotherliness and forethought way all the rescuers of the Lake of Geneva.
- To create a link of rescue posts in order to bring a fast and efficient assistance to people and boats in danger.
Thirty-four stations of the "SISL" are positioned around the lake, sharing a surface of 225 square miles.
Twenty-six of them are Swiss and eight French. This international organization of rescuers secures all the navigators (professionals and amateurs) on the lake of Geneva, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.

The cruising safety fleet includes 47 units (23 patrol boats et 24 rescue boats).

Patrol boat

Rescue boat

During the year 2011, the amount of rescue operations was of 648. 

 In 31 of them, people were exposed to a real danger.